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attaching importance to integrity and moral principle, achieving win-win situation through cooperation, being perseverant and persistent and pursuing innovation and excellence.

Since its establishment, Creat has been attaching great importance to the building of corporate culture, advocating the enterprising spirit of ‘being loyal, united, diligent and progressive’, and calling on Creat’s staff to integrate entrepreneurial zeal with realistic entrepreneurial rationality and practical entrepreneurial actions in a systematic manner, to successfully make the enterprise move into development period from start-up period. Creat in development period is characterized by more stable strategic decisions, more relational business operations, more standard system management and more distinct corporate culture. By conducting in-depth summarization of historical experiences and taking the enterprise’s characteristics in the new era into consideration, the Board of Directors of Creat Group under the leadership of Chairman Zheng Yuewen has proposed the core concept of corporate culture of ‘attaching importance to integrity and moral principle, achieving win-win situation through cooperation, being perseverant and persistent and pursuing innovation and excellence’, which made the system of Creat’s corporate culture more complete, and more precisely indicated that Creat’s staff in development period must have the new spirit of passing on history, advancing with times, achieving continuous self-improvement as well as harmonious and joint progress.

  • Attaching importance to integrity and moral principle

    ‘Attaching importance to integrity and moral principle’ is Creat’s primary spirit. Creat’s staff have been persisting in the principle of treating others and building a successful business by integrity, telling the truth, getting things done and walking the talk. What’s more important, Creat’s staff know they should judge their behaviors by moral principle, and repay the society, shoulder responsibilities, treat friends nicely, repay the country and support public welfare activities with an attitude in consistence with moral principle.

  • Achieving win-win situation through cooperation

    ‘Achieving win-win situation through cooperation’ is Creat’s idea for development. To walk the path of cooperation and win-win situation, and the path of harmonious development by everyone sharing the wealth, resources and knowledge in the world is Creat’s long-term pursuit. Under the condition of market economy, one can only have more development opportunities through cooperation, build stronger cooperative team only by win-win situation, and thus create more wealth for individual, enterprise and the society.

  • Being perseverant and persistent

    ‘Being perseverant and persistent’ is the quality of Creat. Creat’s staff never spend all their time on fantasies and ideological guidelines, they have been keeping the strong mind of ‘trying everything, going everywhere, experiencing hardships and going through difficulties’ for a long period of time and pursuing the enterprise’s strategic objectives for long-term development. Whatever difficulties or setbacks they meet, they never feel frustrated and never give up. Creat’s staff believes a constant little effort may bring a remarkable success. Creat’s dream can only come true by being perseverant, and Creat’s business can only be successful by sticking to pursuits.

  • Pursuing innovation and excellence

    ‘Pursuing innovation and excellence’ is the essence of Creat’s strategy. The ‘going out’ development strategy requires Creat’s staff to put more efforts in the three major areas of science and technology innovation, idea innovation and system innovation. Senior management has to develop excellent development plan and supervise its implementation; middle-level cadres have to resolutely carry out and accomplish business objectives; and Creat’s staff have to fulfill their duties, closely cooperate and try their best to achieve first-class performance, and thus raise Creat Group’s business management level to a new height. Creat’s staff, who pursuit innovation and excellence, will surely facilitate the excellent and rapid long-term development of Creat’s businesses.

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