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  • Bank of Nanchang Co., Ltd.

    Bank of Nanchang was founded by local finance of Nanchang city and established in December 1997 with the approval of People's Bank of China. It changed its name to Bank of Nanchang Co., Ltd. on August 6, 2008 with the approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission. It has registered capital of 2.382 billion yuan.

  • Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

    Commercial Bank of Dalian, predecessor of Bank of Dalian was established on March 28, 1998, and changed its name to Bank of Dalian with the approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission on February 17, 2007. By the end of 2006, Bank of Dalian has total assets of 61.1 billion yuan, balance of deposits of 51.6 billion yuan and balance of loans of 33.3 billion yuan. It gained profits of 430 million yuan in 2006. The bank has almost 3,000 staff. There are 22 management departments, 8 branches and 106 banking offices under the head office, which are distributed in different districts of Dalian and 3 cities in the north of Liaoning. The 8 branches are Tianjin Branch, Beijing Branch, Shenyang Branch, Chengdu Branch, Yingkou Branch, Shanghai Branch, Dandong Branch and Chongqing Branch respectively.

  • AEON Life Insurance Company

    AEON Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries (AEON Life) headquartered in Dalian Liaoning province, was set up dated 3rd June.,2009. With the approval of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission(CIRC) ,constitute the life insurance in Mainland China. It is capital registered 7billion and 794.8 Million RMB yuan. The main shareholders including China Wanda Group ,Creat Group, Rongda Investment Group, The Neoglory Group, Yifang Group, Hengmao Realestate, Dalian City Construction Group, China Huajian Holdings Ltd., etc.

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