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  • Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd. (SH600312)

    Pinggao Electric is China’s key enterprise in manufacturing of major technologies and equipment, a backbone enterprise in high voltage switchgear industry, and one of the three major high voltage switchgear R&D and manufacturing bases in the country. As the first high-tech enterprise passed ‘two high’ certification of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Science and Technology in China’s high voltage switchgear industry, Pinggao Electric completed its IPO in January 2001, and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange on February 21, 2001 with stock code of ‘600312’ and stock abbreviation of ‘Pinggao Electric’. Pinggao Electric is in possession of 4 majority-owned or joint venture subsidiaries and more than 10 branches. Among which, Pinggao Toshiba is a world class gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear manufacturer established by Pinggao Electric and Toshiba. Integrates scientific research, product R&D, equipment manufacturing, sales and service, Pinggao Electric is a R&D and manufacturing base for super-high and extra-high voltage switchgears and complete sets of equipment of power plant in China. Pinggao Electric has got national enterprise technology center, and it’s the first enterprise introduced overseas advanced sulphur hexafluoride high voltage switchgear manufacturing technology, which allowed China’s high voltage switchgear manufacturing to enter the era of sulphur hexafluoride. It has also developed whole series products with proprietary intellectual property rights.

  • Yantai North Andre Juice Co., Ltd. (HK8259)

    Yantai North Andre Juice Co., Ltd., which was established in 1996, has been mainly engaged in the production of concentrated juice, fruit pulps, dried fruits, essences, jellies and other products. It has built 9 modern concentrated juice processing bases, 1 fruit pulp processing base and 1 jelly processing base in Shandong, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shanxi and other provinces in China, and it has got 14 state-of-art concentrated juice production line, 1 fruit pulp production line, 2 jelly production lines and 1 candied fruit production line. It has designed fruit processing capacity of over 2 million tons, and annual production capacity of 340,000 tons concentrated juice, 4,000 tons jellies and 10,000 tons fruit pulps. Its processing capacity and production scale of concentrated juice ranked the first in the world. The company was successfully listed in Hong Kong in April 2003, and became the first listed company in China’s concentrated juice industry. Over 90% of Andre Juice’s products are exported to North American, European, Asian, Oceanian, African and other markets. The company has established business relations with many world famous food and beverage companies, and its export volume has been taking the lead among its peers across the country for many consecutive years. The company’s processing bases are widely distributed across major apply growing areas in the country, which annually increased peasants’ income by over 1 billion yuan, and allowed more than 2 million households of peasants to acquire wealth and live a better-off life. It has built the largest jelly processing base in Asia, which allowed it to realize its strategic shift from industrialization and scale up to sustainable development.

  • Shanghai Raas Blood Product Co., Ltd. (SZ002252)

    As the first Sino-foreign joint venture large scale blood product producer established in 1988, Shanghai Raas is the first enterprise realized batch production of blood products and passed certification of ISO9001 quality system, and it’s among the first batch of enterprises passed GMP certification. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of blood products, vaccines, diagnostic reagents, testing instruments, testing technology and testing service pursuant to rules of FDA, guidelines of WHO as well as requirements of United States Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopoeia. Its main products include 7 varieties and 23 specifications, such as human serum albumin, human immunoglobulin (pH4) for intravenous injection, human coagulation factor VIII, human prothrombin complex, human fibrinogen, thrombin and etc. It’s a leading blood product producer among its peers in China which characterized by the highest comprehensive utilization of blood plasma, most complete product varieties and rational structure. Given its extraordinary product quality and advanced technologies, Shanghai Raas has become one of the most famous blood product enterprises in China and even Asia. Its products have been dominating the high-end market for China’s blood product consumption, which gave it excellent brand awareness in the industry and among consumers. It’s the first one explored overseas market in China, and the blood product producer with the largest export volume. Shanghai Raas transformed into a limited liability company in March 2007, and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange(SZ002252) in June 2008.

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