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  • Creat Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as ‘Creat’), which was incorporated in 1992 and mainly engaged in equity investment, has investment orientations of financial service, biopharmaceuticals, high-end manufacturing, mineral resources and other industries highly benefit from China’s growing domestic demand. 

    Creat has been continuously building its ability to find and grasp investment opportunities and the ability to optimize and promote corporate value. It has built multi-channel financing system, integrated quality project resources, and developed the investment philosophy system of ‘prudent selection, value management and effective integration’. 

    In real practice, Creat has been actively taking development opportunities provided by China’s economic growth, carrying out interaction between industry and finance, and facilitating the integration of product management and capital operation as a strategic investor. It provides further multi-element integration service when injecting capital into investee companies, which allow them to become industry leaders. Enterprises received Creat Group’s investment and integration services all achieved great success: Ruyi Group has developed into a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, Pinggao Electric has become national key enterprise in major technologies and equipment, the production scale of Andre’s concentrated apple juice ranked the first in the world, and Shanghai Raas has been dominating China’s high-end market for blood product consumption for a long period of time. 

    Creat has been paying close attention to the trend of global economy, integrating its own development with the country’s development strategy, and making great efforts to associate Chinese economy with world economy. It’s not only exploring potentials for international economic cooperation through its own efforts, but also helping Chinese private enterprises finding better and safer investment opportunities across the world. The company established Creat Fund Management Company in Hong Kong in 2009 to build a platform for international asset management business with innovative ideas, and to gradually conduct international asset market related business. It has founded international private equity funds which facilitate complementation of advantages and synergetic development of Chinese and overseas enterprises by cooperating with Mitsubishi Corporation and the well-known British investor Jacob·Rothschild respectively. Creat is committed to facilitating the upgrading of Chinese enterprises, helping China’s private capital entering into the field of international equity investment, and improve the Chinese enterprises’ ability to take part in global economic cooperation.

    Creat always associate the development of Chinese private enterprises with the development of Chinese society, and take actively organizing and coordinating different social resources for the better development of Chinese private enterprises as a work of great importance. It has been making great efforts in shouldering corporate social responsibilities, actively supporting and taking part in different charitable donations, disaster relief works and public welfare activities. 

    Zheng Yuewen, Chairman of the Board, Creat Group has served as member of 10th, 11th and 12th Session of National Committee of CPPCC; 5th session Specially Invited Inspector, Ministry of Supervision of the People’s Republic of China, Specially Invited Inspector of Department of Supervision, Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC; Vice-Chairman of 9th and 10th Session of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, Executive Member of the 8th, 10th and 11th Session of Executive Committee; Chairman of China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector, Chairman of China-Africa Business Council, Chairman of General Chamber of Commerce for Jiangxi’s Merchants, Honorary Chairman of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Beijing and etc. 

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